• Physiotherapy

    Physiotherapy, also known as Physical Therapy, is designed to help people improve mobility, resolve ongoing physical issues, and recover from injury.  Through our personalized care, we work with our Read More

  • Sports Injury Treatment

    Sports Physiotherapy helps to prevent and manage injuries related to various sports or recreational activities. Whether you are an elite athlete, or an avid recreational sports Read More

  • Acupuncture / Intra Muscular Stimulation (IMS)

    Not every pain has an obvious or identifiable cause.  Myofascial pain, or Neuropathic pain refer to chronic pain symptoms for which there is so identifiable sign of injury, or inflammation.  This Read More

  • Registered Massage Therapy coming soon....

    Massage Therapy relieves muscular pain and tension, and improves the function of muscles and joints, as well as blood and lymphatic systems.   At Nordel Physio, our registered massage therapists Read More

  • Active Rehabilitation

    Nordel Physiotherapy and Sports clinic provides customized Active Rehab program to help our clients restore maximal functional recovery, to re-open the doorway to an active life. Our Active Rehab Read More

  • Cold Laser Therapy

    Laser Therapy is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative pain management technique. Cold laser therapy refers to laser therapy which uses low levels of light to stimulate healing in the body. Read More

  • Personal Training

    Nordel Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic offers one-to-one personal training workout sessions. Your personal trainer will help you to develops customized personal fitness program that will help you to Read More

  • One to One Yoga

    Yoga is not only aspiritual science, it is an art of living as well. Yoga teaches practical methods to bring body, mind, and soul together. The word yoga itself means "union"; of the Individual Read More

  • Acupuncture

    Read More

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