If you are seeking a rehab therapy center that specializes in active rehab Physiotherapy, first, you should know what it is. A custom Active Rehab program can help you restore maximal functional recovery. This is a personalized set of exercises that support this type of therapy. The rehab team employs the best Kinesiologists and Physiotherapists to plan, supervise, and perform these exercises.

As a result, you get a plan where you can choose what you want to regain healthy muscle movements. The purpose is to aid you in regaining the lifestyle and mobility you had before your misfortune or injury.

What is Active Rehab?

This treatment is termed Active Rehab mainly because the patients take a proactive role in their own rehabilitation, after the primary healing method, by engaging in motions and performing exercises that will promote total recovery.

These Active Rehab exercise programs are either one-to-one or in a small group format. The doctors make a point of ensuring that all your exercises are performed in a proper, corrective manner, so they can reduce any chance of soreness from the existing injury or causing any new damage. That is to say, you get all you need for maximum recovery.

After concluding these Active Rehab exercises, you will notice a significant difference in your muscle movements as well as body agility. Moreover, you can count them as an autonomous exercise program to advance and accomplish an impeccable, enduring recovery, and continued fitness and strength.

As stated earlier, the final goal is to support clients to get back to their pre-injury lifestyle and counter re-injury through elevated fitness.

On your first visit

On your first visit, the emphasis will be on achieving a thorough evaluation of your mobility patterns, baseline depth, and flexibility. It helps the team establish your customized training goals. It further allows your physiotherapists to create program that is harmless and effective for your condition.

The procedures can incorporate components of core strengthening, operative training, cardiovascular endurance, postural re-education, and flexibility. On your subsequent appointments, the physiotherapist will regularly re-assess your progress and readjust the active rehab Physiotherapy program accordingly.

How Active Rehab Physiotherapy will Help You

  • These programs are specifically customized in accordance with your current as well as pre-existing conditions.
  • Additionally, the duration of your treatment is determined following your progress.
  • The doctors closely monitor your discomfort after the first couple of appointments.
  • They also provide you with a proper diet plan in order to support the work we achieve in our sessions.

They help you boost your confidence, which is important in this program