If you want to improve your heart health, then your ear can help you with that. Do you know how? The answer is through Auricular Acupoint therapy. Those who do not have any idea what Auricular Acupoint is, then read on. We will give you a detailed view of this therapy option. This therapy is a type of acupuncture that involves stimulating particular points on the outer ear, which can improve your heart health. Auricular acupuncture is also used to control pain and other symptoms in the body, with the needles inserted in the outer ear at related points. This is also known as ear acupuncture.

According to the research conducted in various parts of China, it has been noted that ear acupuncture can help you with managing heart rate variability. HRV or heart rate variability is refers to the changes in the interval between heartbeats.

Suppose the person is not healthy, then he/she may likely suffer from low HRV. Patients having post-traumatic stress disorder have higher chances of Low HRV as these individuals suffer from high stress that increases heart rates on a consistent basis, rather than having healthy variability. With the help of Auricular Acupuncture therapy, you can manage the HRV conditions.

There are many benefits to using Auricular Acupuncture therapy. They are listed below:

  • It will help to lower your blood pressure.
  • This acupuncture therapy will help you combat weight gain by suppressing appetite.
  • It will also help to manage stress and anxiety.
  • It will help to improve HRV and heart problems.
  • It will also help you to treat various other health issues.

With all these benefits, Auricular Acupoint therapy will also help you in your general well-being. This treatment has been used for many years by a large number of people to reduce their health issues. Various ailments of the body, which include addiction, withdrawal symptoms, stress, anxiety, etc., can be controlled with the help of the therapy. If you want to improve your heart health issues, then you should definitely do the obvious thing, such as quitting smoking, and adjusting your diet. This acupuncture therapy will also help you to reduce your weight, stress, and keep a balanced cycle of your body.

If you are interested in having this treatment, then you should make an appointment with Nordel Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic, where they can help to reduce your health issues with acupuncture.