Extended health coverage is a major perk for employees and individuals who have opted for the benefits. But are you getting the most out of your comprehensive health coverage? Sure, benefits include the basics like bi-annual dental cleanings, discounts on prescriptions, and coverage for your vision; however, extended benefit plans also offer coverage for things like naturopaths, chiropractors, acupuncture, and massage therapy in Delta.

Whether you are on a corporate plan or cover your own extended benefits, if you are not using your optional coverage, you’re leaving money on the table – and no one wants to do that. Here are things you can do to help get the most out of your health benefits.

Know Your Coverage

How can you maximize your health benefits coverage? The first step is to understand the details of your policy and what you are covered for. Many extended plans include coverage for paramedical services. What’s included in paramedical services? Things like massage therapy, kinesiology, and physiotherapy.

Next, take a look at your annual coverage maximums. Certain benefits, like massage therapy treatments in Delta, will have a cap on what each member can spend annually; but hot tip, if you haven’t reached your annual limit close to year-end, it’s time to book in the extra massage therapy session!

Do you wish you could claim a medical expense not covered by your extended benefits? You might be able to. Check to see if your plan includes a Health Spending Account. The Health Spending Account will sometimes cover expenses not included in your plan, things like yoga, gym memberships, or yes, even a few extra massages.

If you also have coverage under a partner’s health insurance, don’t forget to also check that plan’s benefits! You may have been paying out of pocket for paramedical services you already have coverage for.

Submit Claims Online Right Away with E-Billing

E-billing is a quick, easy way to have your claims paid out without any of the paperwork. If your insurance provider allows online e-claims, submit yours as soon as possible and get your coverage amount in as little as 24 hours.

Pay by Credit, Collect the Points

The only thing better than coverage for massage therapy in Delta is cashing in on credit card points in the process. Even when a clinic offers the option of direct billing, it could be in your interest to pay for your massage therapy or other paramedical services with points or a travel card and collect the reimbursement from your insurance provider later.