Do you have lower back pain, chronic headaches, muscle stiffness, Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) pain, or any other type of pain? Visit your physiotherapist for IMS treatment in Surrey and Delta.

IMS or Intramuscular Stimulation is a technique that physiotherapists use to reduce the pain and discomfort of their patients.Physiotherapists believe proper physical movements can help reduce common chronic pain as well as post-surgery pain. However, sometimes, the pain is too severe to relieve with physical movement. In such situations, the physiotherapists count on IMS treatment in Surrey and Delta.

How Does Intramuscular Stimulation Work?

Intramuscular stimulation is also known as dry needling. It is named dry needling because the treatment involves needles. But, not those big, hollow needles which are used for giving injections. Instead, very fine needles are used in the IMS treatment in Surrey and Delta to stimulate those points on the body that can relieve pain. Your physiotherapist inserts the needle into the tight bands of your muscular tissue and does not remove the needle from its place until the pain disappears. The technique has appeared quite successful, so it has become popular among st the physiotherapists.

Getting the Results

When you groan because of pain, you cannot think of anything else except how you can get over the pain. Physiotherapy can reduce your pain and enable you to feel relaxed. Your physiotherapist makes your body move in different ways to reduce the pain. The exercises can help you, but they can be difficult in the first few sessions. So, your physiotherapist recommends you intramuscular stimulation for the first few sessions instead of exercises. Intra muscular stimulation not only gives you relax from the pain and tension but also improves the communication between the nervous system and the muscle that in turn enhances the functioning of your nerves. Once your physiotherapist notices some improvement in your condition, they recommend some exercises in place of intramuscular treatment.