After surgery, you might feel terrible. No one likes going in for a procedure like that. It means something unfortunate has happened and you need to get it fixed through a surgical procedure. When the procedure is done, you have no real desire to do anything, as the recovery can sometimes last for weeks. Of course, it is better than not having done anything about the injury in the first place, but still, if something is hurting, it doesn’t matter whether or not it is because of healing. Recovery can take a long time, and that can mean that the pain stays for a long time. Post surgical physiotherapy speeds up the healing process in many cases.

The surgeries that benefit most from post surgical physiotherapy include surgeries where joints are involved. When it comes to the upper body, that can include the neck,shoulder, hand, wrist, and spine. When it comes to the lower body, we are talking about surgeries that include the knee, foot or ankle. To get these parts of you working properly again, you need to get them moving. However. you will want to do that carefully. There is nothing worse than creating a new problem after you just went into surgery to get rid an old problem. This is where physiotherapy comes in.

A good post surgical physiotherapy session will focus on getting you better. The therapists will try to improve your range of motion and muscle power. They can also help you get back your balance and coordination via special training and they help you get back to your pre surgery gait and posture. If you do as they say and follow their home exercise programs, then you will be well on the way to recovery. The goal is to speed up recovery so you can heal better and get back to your old self in no time.

None of us want to think about getting surgery done on any part of our body. However, when it is necessary, it should be your goal to get better as fast as possible so you can start enjoying life again. Post surgical physiotherapy can help you do that. Your injury or your surgery doesn’t have to keep you from what you like to do. If you’ve had surgery and you need to get moving again, Nordel Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic can be the place for you.