Playing sports is a great way to stay active and get exercise. However, playing sports comes with the risk of sports-related injuries. Accidents happen to athletes of all levels; getting injured does not mean you are a poor athlete.

Two important ways to prevent injuries are sports physiotherapy and sports control supplies. Vancouver’s weather and climate make it a great place for various sports and outdoor activities all year long. Sport control supplies in Vancouver include items such as helmets, mouth guards, knee pads, and more. Depending on the sport, sports control supplies are often mandatory.

Sports injuries can be sudden or can develop after years of repetitive motion or overwork of a group of muscles. Sports physiotherapy helps athletes work on and maintain proper technique and posture, which significantly decreases the risk of injury and long-term problems.

Sport-related injuries can be career ruining, and cause life-long chronic pain. Sports control supplies in Vancouver help reduce the risk of serious and permanent injuries. It is especially important to make sure the head, nose and eyes are sufficiently protected, with the appropriate protective supplies needed for the sport being played.

Helmets are important for sports such as football, mountain biking, hockey, baseball, skiing, inline skating, snowboarding, and more. Make sure to always wear a helmet made for the correct sport. Helmets should fit the head snugly, while still being comfortable. If a helmet is in a serious accident or crash, a new helmet needs to be purchased, as helmets lose their integrity and safety once they are cracked or damaged.

Goggles and other eye protection, such as shields that attach to helmets, should be fitted to the person. Snowboarding goggles can be made with a prescription, and all eye protection should fit securely around the nose with cushions protecting your nose, and above the eyebrows.

Injuries, depending on the severity, the sport, and where they happen, can be permanent. Serious brain and eye injuries can permanently change your life, so it is essential that the proper sports control supplies in Vancouver be purchased and used.

Cheaper is not better when it comes to sports control supplies in Vancouver. Bike helmets need to meet the safety standard set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), which is a federally regulated agency that sets safety standards for sport control supplies and other products.

Mouthguards are another important sport control supply. Damaged, or knocked out adult teeth will not grow back, and having missing or severely damaged teeth can cause a list of serious problems. Getting teeth replaced or fixed is expensive; a good mouthguard is not.

Protective cups should be worn by men and boys playing certain sports such as hockey, football, baseball, soccer and other contact sports. For noncontact sports, such as running, an athletic supporter is highly recommended for comfort and safety. Women and girls should always wear a well-fitting, quality sports bra, with the right amount of hold.

Footwear is another important sport control device. Proper, quality footwear designed for the specific sport you are doing will not only save you pain, but can prevent sprains, ligament tears, and dangerous falls. Sports such as soccer, rugby, and baseball require cleats, whereas skiing and snowboarding require the proper boots for the sport and properly set bindings on your skis or board.

Sport control equipment in Vancouver is an important and necessary part of playing sports. Other preventative measures include stretching before and after games or practices, and sport-related physiotherapy. Keeping your body in shape and in good health will also help prevent sports-related injury.

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