If you play basketball, you must know what common injuries you are prone to and how you can prevent them. Moreover, you should also know whom you should contact to get the best sports injury treatment when you get an injury during a game.

First, we discuss some common basketball sports injuries and how they can be prevented.

Foot and Ankle Injuries

Foot and ankle injuries are very common to basketball players. Athletes can save their foot and ankle from injuries with little care. Wearing the best quality sports shoes can protect you from slipping during moving on the court and help you avoid the injuries. Moreover, you can wrap athletic tape around your ankles.

Hip and Thigh Injuries

Running, jumping, and rebounding place extra pressure on your legs and hips and make you more prone to hip and thigh injuries. These injuries may occur because of the over-extending of the muscles and ligaments. Making your muscles and tendons flexible can reduce the probabilities of hip and thigh injuries. Always stretch out your muscles and hips before the sports event.

Knee Injuries

Sprains and strains in knees are also very common injury types during the basketball games. You can reduce the probabilities of knee injuries by making your knees strong. Moreover, you should stretch the muscles of your legs before entering the court. You can also wear knee braces to protect your knees.

Wrist or Hand Injuries

Though the game is played with hands, wrist and hand injuries are not very common to basketball players. Only 11-12% of total injuries happen because of wrist or hand injuries. But, this does not mean that you cannot get a wrist or hand injury. So, you need to be ready to avoid wrist or hand injuries. The best way to avoid these injuries is to deal with the balls in the right manner.

Whom To Contact When You Get Injured

If you ever get injured during a basketball game, reach an expert physiotherapist around you to get over from the injuries as soon as possible. If you are in North Delta, book an appointment with us. We will provide you with personalized sports injury treatment.