Back pain is quite common and discomfort able. About 70% of the people experience back pain at some point in their lives. Back pain may happen for many reasons and many treatment options are also available for it. However, booking an appointment with a physiotherapist for spinal traction treatment can be the best way to get rid of the pain. Why? Here are some great reasons to contact a physiotherapist for spinal traction treatment.

Effective from the First Session

Though you have to undergo almost 15-20 spinal traction treatment sessions in a period of six weeks, you start experiencing relief from the very first session. Each spinal traction treatment lasts for almost 30 minutes to 45 minutes. The duration of the session depends on the severity of the pain. Your physiotherapist uses a harness to stretch the spine that opens each disc and allows smooth fluids flow that immediately relieves the pain.


Spinal traction treatment is entirely safe because neither surgery nor drugs are used in this treatment. Also, there is no chances of any injuries during the process. So, you can confidently go for the treatment.


Spinal traction is entirely painless and relaxing treatment. During the treatment, you are positioned on a decompression table and a harness is fastened around your hips. The harness vertically moves to stretch your spine. The process relieves pressure between each vertebra.


When you compare the cost of spinal traction treatment with that of surgery, you find spinal traction treatment to be quite cost-effective. Spinal surgery costs several thousand dollars. Nevertheless, sometimes, it cannot show you 100% result. On the other hand, with spinal traction treatment, you will enjoy full recovery in a short time. The recovery time of spinal traction treatment is also quite lower than that of a spinal surgery.

Buy now, you must have understood why we have advised to book your appointment with a physiotherapist for spinal traction treatment.

At Nordel Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic, we use a holistic approach and provide personalized spinal traction treatment.