If you are facing a problem with tight muscles then you can try IMS Physical Therapy from physical therapy experts. This treatment will help to relax your tight muscles with the use of small solid acupuncture. The needles get inserted into your skin by well-trained professionals who work at an Active Spine Rehab Center. When the needle gets in the muscle then it will ultimately relax the muscle. This treatment may seem scary for some people, but believe us it will really help you to overcome all your muscle issues. IMS Physical Therapy is a treatment really worth taking. This treatment performed by experts will change the lives of people by reducing muscle pain and improving their strength.

Ultimately, you will have your muscle problems resolved and can stabilize their strength. The quicker you get help from experts and take IMS Physical Therapy the faster you will get relief from your muscle issues.

There are various conditions that can be treated by IMS Physical Therapy and they are mentioned below.

Conditions improved by IMS Physical Therapy

Here we have mentioned different body conditions that can be treated well with IMS therapy.

  • Inflammation in tendons

This is the most common problem that occurs in the body of athletes or sports enthusiasts. The inflammation that occurs in tendons connected to the elbow will create sharp pain. It can effectively be treated with the help of IMS Physical Therapy. When this situation occurs, you will feel pain and weakness in your arm. Pairing IMS Physical Therapy with the correct exercises will help you to treat this problem.

  • Jaw issues

Sometimes it may happen that your jaw becomes tight and painful. This can  be treated effectively with IMS therapy. In this condition, you will find it difficult to open your mouth or eat anything. To treat this pain, the physical therapist makes use of IMS treatment.

  • Hip Pain

If you experience pain in your hip, then this can effectively be treated by IMS therapy. Hip joint pain mostly occurs while sitting for a long time or decreasing movement activities. So, if you are experiencing such pain, then do not worry. The experts will treat this pain effectively.

We hope now you have a clear understanding of IMS Physical Therapy and its uses.