Acupuncture is physical therapy where special needles are applied to different parts of the body in an attempt to trigger a healing response. Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years and has been medically proven in being highly effective for healing physical and chronic pain and many types of conditions. Scalp acupuncture is a contemporary acupuncture method. While it is closely linked with the fundamental theories of traditional Chinese medicine, its clinical use is based on the modern knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the brain.

There are many benefits of scalp acupuncture, including treatment of hair loss, skin issues, and brain-related issues such as chronic headaches, spinal pain, or to help treat aphasia and other issues that can occur post-stroke or brain surgery. There are many different reasons people seek scalp acupuncture as a treatment. It has been used to help with traumatic brain injuries and other brain-related issues. It can also help with headaches and other chronic pain related to the brain.

Scalp acupuncture works by stimulating reflex areas within the scalp through special manipulation. With this, functional activities of the brain and body can be regulated. Through the central nervous and endocrine systems, the brain’s metabolic, hormonal, energetic and structural functions are accessible at specific areas of the scalp surface. Scalp acupuncture is performed by inserting needles in the loose tissue layer of the scalp. This helps to stimulate brain neurons underneath that area. This will also awaken brain cells that are not dead but are not functioning properly in the body to help stimulate inactive functions in the brain. This is a very effective therapy to promote the healthy regeneration of the brain system.

Treatments generally take up to an hour and are advised around two to three times per week., The treatment duration and frequency can vary depending on your condition and recovery rate. Many patients are responsive to the treatment after the initial appointment and begin to see improvement within the first three sessions.

Acupuncture is not a painful treatment, although some patients may occasionally feel some sensations in the affected part of the body. Heaviness, electrical sensations, and the sensation of water or energy moving are also common. It is normal for patients to feel sensations during treatment but not alarming if they do not. During the treatment, the acupuncture needles stimulate an area for around two to three minutes and then re-stimulate the area at ten-minute intervals throughout the session. The needles used for scalp acupuncture are no different from those used for other acupuncture therapy treatments. The needles are sterile, stainless steel, single-use and range in length from one to one and a half inches. After the needles are quickly entered into the loose tissue layer of the scalp, the needles are then threaded for the entire 1-1.5 inches of the needle shaft. This ensures proper stimulation of the area being targeted.

Experienced practitioners know how to make needle insertion quick and painless. Scalp acupuncture is very safe when done by an experienced professional. There is no risk of heavy bleeding and very minimal risk of infection as proper antiseptic protocols sterile equipment is used. This is why it is very important to only seek acupuncture treatment from safe, reputable clinics. Professional, educated and licenced physiotherapists should do any form of acupuncture. If you are suffering from any neurological issues, consult the Nordel Clinic and speak to a knowledgeable physiotherapist to find the best treatment plan for you.