Auricular Acupoint Therapy Delta

Auricular acupuncture is one of the best treatments for resolving the body’s dysfunction through stimulation of points on the ear. This treatment will be performed on the outer surface of the ear. Auricular Acupoint Therapy helps to resolve pathological conditions present in other parts of your body by stimulating specific points on the ear. This amazing therapy helps to regulate circulation as well as activate the meridians.

At Nordel Physiotherapy and Sports clinic, we make use of Auricular Acupoint Therapy to treat various issues, such as chronic pain, insomnia, and lactation disorders present in the body. Other conditions, such as Psoriasis Vulgar is and lower back pain, can also be treated with the help of Auricular Acupoint Therapy. In this therapy, tiny beads will be placed onto the outer surface of the ear at the points related to particular health complaints. Our professionals fix these beads with adhesive tapes that are similar to small bandages. The beads will be placed on the patient’s ear for several days during which time they will help to stimulate the corresponding acupuncture points.

This amazing therapy can also help to cure addiction to unwanted substances. When clients feel the desire for the substance, then he or she may press the points on the ears to overcome the urge. If you are suffering from any illnesses related to back pain or chronic pain in any part of your body, contact Nordel Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic. Our professionals will effectively treat your ailments.

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