Chronic back pain is often a result of the injury to a spinal disc – a little, soft gel-like cushion located between the bones in the spine. It can become swollen or bulge, causing agonizing pain when pressed on nerves. No doubt, it can cause a lot of discomfort and occurs to people of all age groups for various reasons. But you don’t need to worry. A simple, non-invasive treatment called ‘spinal decompression‘ is what you should consider alleviating your neck or back pain.

Listed below are five of the primary reasons why choosing the best spinal decompression treatment will benefit you.

Affordable – The first and foremost benefit of opting for spinal decompression treatment is that it’s affordable. It is, in fact, a reasonably priced option compared to surgery. Also, it assures you of quick recovery time. Know that spinal surgery can cost you thousands of dollars without being useful. But, this is not the case with spinal decompression. Spinal decompression allows for a full recovery of disc problems with quick recovery. You won’t even feel the need to take medications.

Painless – Spinal decompression therapy is a very relaxing and painless procedure. In this effective treatment, a harness will be tenderly fastened around your hips while you’re positioned on a decompression table. As a result, it slowly moves vertically for stretching the spine. This process allows you to relax completely, as pressure is minimized between each vertebra.

Safe – Spinal decompression is considered the most safer alternative compared to other treatment methods, as it does not need drugs or surgery. There are no chances of getting injured during this process.

Effective – Spinal decompression is one of the most effective therapies to alleviate chronic back pain. The healing process starts as soon as after you’re done with the first session. Each (spinal decompression) session lasts about 45 minutes long. Of course, it depends on the severity. Also, this treatment is recommended to be performed for about 15 to 30 times in six weeks.

Fewer Side Effects – Even though side effects are rare, they may consist of slight pain and muscle spasms. Side effects of surgery, on the other hand, include stroke, bleeding, nerve damage, infection, and many more. Spinal decompression treatment is the best possible way to keep away from side effects or any other complications.

Spinal decompression, approved by the FDA, is a safe treatment that does not require surgery. It is a drug-free therapy, and it helps patients suffering from chronic neck and back pain, which is caused by spine-related problems.

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