Manual therapy provides great relief from chronic pain. It also improves joint function, alleviates tense muscles, and stimulate the soft tissue. Many manual therapy techniques are used by physical therapists as well, to relieve discomfort.

What Is Manual Therapy?

We have informed you above that manual therapy comprises of many techniques. However, it can be mainly divided in two types – manipulation and soft tissue therapy. In most cases, therapists use these techniques together to get better and fast results.


Manipulation is hands-on-work on joints and back to relieve pressure and realign bones properly.

Soft Tissue Therapy

Soft tissue therapy aims at relieving muscles and stimulating healing. Practitioners use their hands as well as some special kinds of instruments in this therapy.

What Benefits Do You Receive from Manual Therapy?

Most often, people look for a manual therapist to get over pain or discomfort. However, manual therapy can do more than alleviating pain.A manual therapist can treat shoulders, knees, hips, spine, and several other body parts, and improve the functions of soft tissues as well as joints of the entire body.

Here are some great benefits of manual therapy:

Alleviated Pain

Manual therapy aims at relieving and eliminating pain, so that patient can live their usual life.

Increased Joint Movements

Manual therapy is a great thing for those people who are suffering from joint pain and facing difficulties in smooth movement of their joints. The treatment not only relieves the pain but also increases their movements.

Improving Performance

Manual therapy helps the athletes to show their best performance in the field. Aches and pains are a normal part of an athlete’s life. Integrating manual therapy techniques in their exercise sessions can not only help them get rid of the pains but also allow them to have good physical health.

Though your therapist will ask you many questions to understand your case and decide the best treatment for you, you should share your full medical record with them for better diagnosis and treatment.